We have moved on from Halloween to Christmas to New year. The holiday season was a great success for the retail sector with millions of products flying of the shelves. 2019 looks to be no different with the first main event of the year just around the corner; Valentine’s day. We have seen from recent years that marketing is slowly evolving and businesses are using trending occasions to promote their products and services.

Valentine’s day is just as important to businesses as it is to many people around the world looking to shop for gifts and plan out their perfect day with loved ones. It is a big day for retail businesses to channel the mindset of consumers and channeling their emotions to ensure a valuable purchase. The fact of the matter is that Valentine’s is indeed about promoting love which includes a business’s love for its valuable customers. Using this theme, businesses can execute real-time marketing to promote any product or service even if it may not relate to the big day itself but still be an influence for customers to shop anyway. It is estimated that Valentine’s day brings in about $20 billion from sales so you can see just how much businesses can potentially gain from one single day out of a possible 365.

Let’s take a look at some great marketing ideas for your small business this Valentine’s Day;

Valentine’s Day Themed Campaign

For restaurants and bars, Valentine’s day is one of the busiest days of the years with thousands of couples plan to eat out at great restaurants. Most restaurants offer different forms of “two for one” offers which matches the theme of this holiday. Plus, dinner and a movie are pretty much standard protocol when it comes to Valentine’s day so many other businesses have gotten creative in order to attract couples to their businesses as well. Parks, arcade and gaming places, and other events for couples often use this strategy to get as much customers as they can. Moreover, online businesses also use this holiday to their advantage especially industries like transportation, retail and food.

Excite Your Audience with SMS Marketing

The benefits of SMS marketing are endless. For those who have already started using texting to promote their products and services, Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to attract your customers with clear and concise promotions. Email marketing was successful in the past but the emergence of social media has limited its effectiveness. The same cannot be said for SMS as even today, 98 out of 100 people read their messages within 15 minutes of delivery. Still, you need to make your promotions irresistible with your offers and how it matches that specific holiday.

Valentine’s Day Card for Your Customers

The most traditional aspect of this holiday is sending a card to your loved ones. For business, every customer is a loved one so they should be part of every campaign to show you love them for using your service or buying your product. This is not usually used for marketing overtly but you can use it to encourage your customers to continue using your business by offering a special offer with the card.

Social media Marketing

Social media marketing has become one of the fastest growing digital marketing tools available to businesses. Today, an online presence is mandatory as consumers are looking to learn or be inspired or influenced by your businesses before the go for the purchase. Trending holidays like Valentine’s day are great for attracting online audiences to get in to the holiday spirit. This can be done by posting and updating content according to the theme of the holiday.