Like Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, businesses also need to search for the whereabouts of their own mythical yet existing creatures; fantastic customers. What makes a customer fantastic and sets them apart from other customers? Are fantastic customers those who regularly purchase your product or service regularly? Are they those who are loyal to your company despite of the intense competition? Or are they simply those who simply purchase many products at a time on a recurring basis?

There so many ways a specific customer might be categorized as fantastic, exclusive or even elusive in may cases. Businesses aim to cater to everyone but today they realize that they need to device operations and business strategies in ways that make every customer a fantastic customer. These strategies can include pricing, distribution, marketing, budgeting and most importantly, communication.

So, let’s find out where and how you can get these fantastic customers;

1. Distribute your products where customers regularly buy them

This may seem straight out of Product Mix 101 but it makes perfect sense. You may have a high-quality product but you need to place that product in the right place. You cannot expect to open a gym on the highway or sell groceries at a hardware store and expect customers flying in. Moreover, many businesses are asking the same question, “Why aren’t people purchasing our products?”. One probable reason is that they can’t find these products where they are shopping. Sure, this might conflict with the statements above but you do not open a business for just one random customer.

2. Right content at the Right Place and Time

Due to changes in consumer trends, most of shopping is now done online on e-commerce stores and websites of businesses. Due to this, most businesses are aiming to obtain a commanding presence online by spending a lot of time and marketing budget is into digital marketing. Digital marketing, if executed effectively, can get you more customers than having huge billboards in major cities and expensive commercials. However, it still comes down to distribution even in digital marketing. You have to place the right content at the right time and place. You cannot market a food catering business on a technology blog or website. Sure, you might generate a decent amount of traffic but not all visitors are customers.

3. Pictorial content and Description

Today, customers want to visualize a product they are interested in virtually before they even begin to consider buying it. Every product detail page on your website or social media page should have at least 5-6 large images of that specific product. Furthermore, it is not just about posting a picture and expecting customers flying in. You need to educate your prospects about your product or service but even then, no one has the patience to read page long reviews so try to keep it clear and concise. A product description should simply help the prospects understand what the product is, how they can use it and why they should buy it. Plus, try not to use difficult words to describe your words and keep it simple.

4. Conversational Marketing and Reviews

Marketing has evolved from print media to personalized marketing conversation. Today, customers look to interact with businesses on a more personal level to learn and discuss about products and why they should buy them. This has led to websites and online businesses to develop and utilize different communication channels like bulk SMS, calls and chat support. Moreover, video reviews or trial modes are extremely useful so customers can get a virtual hand’s on experience of the product or service. For example, you can find a review of every upcoming phone or gadget on YouTube so you can do the same for your products. Many online services offer trial accounts before any sort of payment so customers can test their services to their satisfaction.

Fantastic customers are everywhere. It is up to find them with all the tools and strategies at your dispersal. Maybe, one of these strategies might shatter the breakeven point and take your business to heights beyond your expectation.