SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has become one of the most popular targeted marketing tools in the last couple of years. So much so that hundreds of thousands of businesses have moved on from traditional marketing channels to this remarkable digital marketing channel. This is mainly due to three contributing factors. The first factor is that over 70 percent of users are constantly engaged to their phones at most times and statistics show that over 98 percent of recipients read their text messages at least once within 15 minutes. The second contributing factor is no time barriers as not everyone has the time to receive calls or they are in different time zones. The third contributing factor is its direct reach which means that recipients don’t need internet connection to receive your promotions. This means that potentially, anyone with a text enabled phone is your customer. However, this does not mean that you can or should send out promotions to just anyone. Marketing is much more evolved than that today.

Prior to launching an SMS campaign, there are a few points to navigate the many pitfalls and limitations. Some beforehand research and market analysis for SMS marketing campaigns cannot be overstated. Almost trillions of text messages are being sent annually on average. More than 6 billion messages a day in America only. With such spellbinding stats, businesses are employing SMS marketing within their strategies. Yes, it does sound easy-peasy to arm yourself with text message marketing. But many organizations have bitten the dust because of their recklessness. Obviously there are some basic tenets that we need to follow. Time to throw light upon 5 ultimate rules for a successful Bulk SMS marketing campaign.

Here are five rules you need to pay attention to;

  • Keyword Selection

An SMS campaign revolves around its keyword. No keyword is equal no campaign. Setting up a keyword is the first step in designing a campaign. Keyword placement is predominant in the sense that it determines how your campaign looks like. It will speak on behalf of your entire SMS campaign. Honestly, there is no rocket science to it. Try to anticipate the psyche of your audience and set your keyword in accordance to what will appeal to them. People may forget what’s been said in the message, but the glimpse of your keyword would stay with them.

  • Content Relevancy

The success of your SMS campaigns heavily relies upon its content relevancy. As they say, content is the king. It demands sheer skills and expertise to insert an appropriate message within the text message. Knowing the fact that an SMS is restricted to a 160 characters’ limit, it is still significant to play with words smartly. SMS campaigns contain the most accurate words. They comprise the art of saying extravagant one liners in lesser words. Keeping your content short, simple and sweet is the power-play during SMS campaigns.

  • Segment Your Audience

Filter your target audience and maintain your mobile database. Only targeted SMS campaigns are fruitful. Random campaigns can never live to your expectations. Definitely, hitting the right spot at the right time is the key. Ensure that your recipients get only the relevant messages. Segmentation of your audience empowers you to craft personalized text messages. After all SMS campaigns are designed to take material benefits in the shape of leads and converts.

  • Timing does Matter

Launching SMS campaigns during business hours is a fast forward rule. All marketers are exemplary opportunists. They know that readability is inevitable in SMS marketing. Astonishingly, we have up to the minute metrics to pick ideal hours in order to launch an SMS campaign. The success rate of your campaign depends upon your planning, preparation and research. Producing dire results is the prime objective behind to indulge into text message marketing.

  • Call to Action

Call to action is immensely conducive for SMS campaigns. Send concise text messages to trigger your target audience to immediately react. Businesses can utilize call to action for direct promotion or any discount redemption. For welfare or nonprofit organizations, call to action can be used for security measures. The feature of the ‘Call-To-Action’ will instigate your target audience to take an instant action.


No matter how much you rate yourself as a marketer, the success or failure is entirely subject to your approach. Just doing the basics right will result in quantifiable impact to your marketing. All 5 rules are the foundation for your SMS campaign. Losing any one of these will destabilize the structure. Follow these five rules to conquer the world of SMS marketing and create time-sensitive SMS campaigns. Maximize your investment by the cross platform marketing channel like text marketing. Anatomy of a successful SMS campaign is only conceivable through encyclopedic tactics and practical demonstrations.