Bitcoin now has a rising competitor on its tail constantly gaining popularity and users every day. Emaratcoin is the latest cryptocurrency and the Middle Eastern alternative to Bitcoin which they claim is a 100 times faster, safer and cheaper than Bitcoin even in its earlier days. It was launched on 2nd December, 2017 which is the National Day of the Emaratcoin. They say it is the first technology ever to utilize Superior Decentralized Ledger Blockchain Technology to create the most successful Blockchain in the world. According to multiple views, it is more secure than using transfer between bank accounts and its algorithm technology is Scrypt Hybrid (PoS and POW).

Emaratcoin allows users to transfer anywhere and everywhere irrespective of time, demographics or political barriers. They designed it to be an open source system which enables the process of staking, trading, mining and investing much smoother. Plus, micropayments are much more viable on a large scale and funds do not freeze or charge back. The beauty of Emaratcoin is that it is not owned by any group, individuals or organization. It is a product that financial experts created in attempt to initiate a decentralized currency.


The founder of the company had an important and inspiring message for the business world. He said, “If you will be retiring within the next 1 year then you need to be a part of Emarat Coin in the initial stage. We can assure you that it will be the next bitcoin in the next few months. Prices will be on the increase day by day so why not take advantage of the opportunity, buy now and enjoy huge profits. We have a clear vision for future and believe that we will hit the markets and make thousands of millionaires who will be the part of Emarat Coin in the initial stages”.

Like Bitcoin, different cryptocurrencies brought about great success and profit especially for those who invested in them as early birds and believed in the long haul. However, Emaratcoin commenced its operations miles ahead of others in its initial stages and it promises to make hundreds of millionaires. According to the coin market, there has been a rise of over 160 percent in the last few months which shows its potential.

According to the company itself, Emarat Coin was designed to serve as a digital-age payment system, involving one step at a time into independent money to compete with that which was enforced by the nation-state. It may sound like a dream but will come true like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and many other cryptocurrencies. The best way forward for every individual is to own some Emarat Coins. Markets are continually reinventing the world’s economy and many people are dedicated to making it happen. Between now and then, it will be a wild and wonderful ride. It is the revolutionary system which business will use for the financial success in future.

Although, there have been some negativity spread across multiple mediums which deny the authenticity of the cryptocurrency with multiple forums claiming it to be a scam. However, there have been tons of videos online which demonstrate and display the concept of this new coin in the market. Obviously, there would be a rivalry due to competition from all around the world. Whenever, a new player is in town, there will be backlash from fans and competitors worldwide. Plus, interested people in the Middle East would prefer to go local which would have a great impact on competitors with users shifting to other options.