Black Friday

Majority of shoppers wait for this time of the year to buy different products and services for the holidays. This is usually due to the massive promotions and offers that follow Halloween and the whole month of November kick starting the holiday season. You can expect a deluge of deals during this month of Thanksgiving, but Black Friday offers can range from “must buy” to “eh, we’ve seen it for less during other times.” A part of every marketing strategy during the holidays is psychological pricing which draw customers into the shopping trap.

Overall, it’s a great experience for those new to the holiday season but there are few things you shouldn’t buy in the holidays. Here are our 8 picks;

1. Flooring


Majority of people usually redo their floors prior to the holidays as it is the time to expect company like family and friends. However, it’s not a great time to find deals on flooring. Last year, there were hardly and good sales on flooring in November but tons in January and February. If it’s not absolutely necessary, then you should definitely wait till then.

2. Jewelry


Jewelry is another product that you can rarely find on Black Friday sales. However, the sales increase in December providing more offers and discounts for the holidays. In 2017, jewelry deals were more in number in December as compared to January and February, 2018. So you should probably wait till the week before Christmas.

3. Furniture


Furniture companies usually release new products at the start of February. This means that by the end of the year and January, retailers try to sell out as much as they can to make room for the new models. So if you are planning to add new furniture in your home, then you should definitely hit the stores in the last week of January to get the best offers.

4. Final Sale Items

Final Sale Items

You can expect to find tons of final and clearance sale items this Black Friday. These are items that customers cannot return if they do not like it or change their mind but can if it is faulty or broken. Thousands of people are shopping for gifts around the holiday season so you want to think twice before buying final sale items. Besides, recipients of gifts especially clothes love to have an option to exchange or return gifts if they do not like it or does not fit.

5. Black Friday Models

Black Friday Models

On Black Friday and the weeks leading up to it, the first deals you usually come across are on electronic items. Most of these products are made to be sold at a “sale price” so it is always better to check out the specs so you know exactly what you are getting. Plus, these new items were never around before so where does the discount come from?

6. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

You would find tons of deals on gift cards starting from November but you should know that these deals would be nothing compared to the ones you could get in December so be cool. Besides, many retailers look to offer more gift cards on minimum purchase especially restaurants around the holidays.

7. Video Games

Video Games

Black Friday is a great time to find incredible deals on games but you should know that these deals will continue all the way till early January. Also, you may find higher discounts after the big day itself or the days leading up to it. Plus, don’t just look for discounts but also for freebies and free memberships.

8. Winter Clothing

Winter Clothing

You would find thousands of clothes deals as early as Black Friday but the best deals on winter gear are in December with as high as 50% off. In January, you’ll be able to score winter items for even less after the first week into the new year.