Top 20 Industries that Use Texting for Communication

Texting has evolved to become the prime channel of global written communication. It has surpassed channels like emails, calls, ads, and commercials in reach-time, effectiveness and overall cost. Thousands of industries have employed Bulk SMS to execute real-time communication with their peers, customers and employees as well. Moreover, SMS Marketing tops the list as the leading marketing channel in 2018 with a response rate of over 45 percent and a readability of 98 percent. Plus, if you do want to add visuals into your promotion, just add a clickable link in the message.

Today, effective communication determines success of a business. Entrepreneurs or managing bodies have the opportunity to get the maximum out of SMS and see how well it plays as a commercial communication tool. Let’s check out the top 20 industries that use texting for communication;

1. Universities and Colleges

Universities and Colleges

Today, you cannot find a student without a cellphone. In schools and in class, they use it for assignments, look up things on the internet and play games as well possibly missing out on the lectures. Teachers use this engagement to send messages regarding their assignments, quizzes, study links and schedules as well. Moreover, the school or college can send out notifications and alerts like fee reminders, results or even promote their admissions.

Non-Profit Organizations

A nonprofit organization can use mass texting services to overcome its communication barriers. They can execute transparent communication with the subscribed public, potential stake holders and execute different awareness campaigns for a cause.

3. Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars are among the industries that benefit the most from bulk texting. They send out their targeted and segmented promotions to loyal customers and have others join in too. They even send out notifications to their customers in the form of order confirmation, delivery receipts and reservation timings. If you have a great addition to your menu, don’t forget to let your fans know. Plus, if you do so just before lunch or dinner, you can hear hungry stomachs rushing in.

4. Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Travellers and tourists look for the best tourism companies to ensure a smooth and relaxing journey. Texting adds to their comfort and convenience when travelling. Flight schedules, on arrival check in details, best hotels and even weather updates can boost your customers’ interest and they won’t hesitate in recommending your services to others.

5. Hotels and Lodges

Hotels and Lodges

Check in confirmations, specials and even room service is available at the tip of your fingers.

6. eCommerce Stores

eCommerce Stores

eCommerce stores are on the rise. People are now accustomed to do most of their shopping online so it is mandatory to have the best communication tools at your disposal. Texting enables users to receive their order confirmation, delivery timings and etc

7. Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Most software or mobile applications look for security options in the form of texting to add to their existing security layer. OTPs, verification codes and personal information is executed perfectly over integration with a mass texting service using an SMS API.

8. Health Care

Health Care

The health care industry is the fastest and busiest industry and it demands the most effective communication channels. Hospitals, clinics and appoint based offices use mass texting to reach patients, families and even replace paperwork normally done at the workplace. This enables electronic media establishment improving operations, saving paper, time and energy. To top that, they can access and send information straight to the designated destination with just a click.

9. IT


The IT industry is responsible for most of the technological advancements in the latter half of the 20th century. It is no surprise that they still use SMS to communicate as it is still the fastest method even today.

10. Manufacturing


Real-time communication is mandatory in the manufacturing industry. It is the place where information needs to be transmitted instantly. These include notifications and alerts in case of emergencies, salary updates, meeting schedules and even shift timings.

11. Service Industry

Service Industry

The service industry is constantly on the rise with consumers now accustomed to do most of their shopping from their homes. Food, electronics, consumer goods and all sorts of delivery information is executed digitally with SMS as the fastest digital channel.

12. Cosmetology


Appointment based businesses like salons, dentists and others send out notifications and alerts regarding schedules and updates. They can also send out promotions to their customers using trending events like holidays, sports or celebrity trends.

13. Finance


The finance sector thrives on rapid and effective communication. Thousands of banks, and finance related industries need to execute real-time communication with their customers. For example, most banks plan to eliminate hard receipts as a green initiative as well as saving cost and waste.

14. Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

People shop online now so customer service has shifted to a new direction today. Now, the service requires after sale activities like technical support, installation and maintenance. These tasks all require communication and texting is the easiest way to do that.

15. Sales


Millions of businesses cannot all afford to place their products on Times Square or launch super bowl promotions. Instead, they play it cool and let 160 characters of a text message do the talking or them. However, you can use these events to drive customers to your store or outlet.

16. Real Estate

Real Estate

You can text investors, clients and interested prospects regarding properties for sale or rent on a daily basis. You can send them notifications and alerts regarding changes in price, status or location.

17. Gym and Fitness

Gym and Fitness

This is the latest emerging industry in our list as fitness and nutrition have evolved in the last 20 years. We can now find trainers, nutritionists and instructors offering the complete package. Texting enables them to communicate personally with clients according to their routine.

18. Warehouse and Storage

Warehouse and Storage

The warehouse industry is always experiences in and outs of goods. Effective communication and paperwork is mandatory to ensure no errors during the transition.

19. Transportation and Shipping

Transportation and Shipping

The transportation industry is among the busiest industries in the world. Cars, vehicles, trains, planes, ships, cargo and so many others are all in motion with people or products moving them from one place to another. Notifications and alerts are mandatory to execute communication in the form of shipping receipts, tickets and bills.

20. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

SMS is neat and now the cleaning industry is slowly emerging as a professional service using smart communication strategies.