Halloween is one of the most important traditional and annual events in the US. So much so, that it’s influence spreads to more destinations worldwide every year. For businesses, it is about promoting their business across any channels using this event to kick start their holiday season campaigns.

Restaurants, pubs, stores, web applications and all sort of businesses execute different marketing campaigns to drive customers to their facilities or bring their business to their homes.  With the Spooktakular season upon us, we can expect to see thousands of events leading to the main event and more on the 31st.

The following marketing tips are great which can be employed for most industries and business;

1. Halloween Themed Text Blasts

Halloween Themed Text Blasts

A text blast is the fasted and most efficient way to reach your targeted audience. You can send the latest offers promoting your product or service using this popular occasion. You can also link in your website or social media page to execute the most cost-effective cross-marketing strategy. When you organize your audience according to demographics, purchase history, time, age group and other forms of segmentation, your call out becomes more precise and targeted. For example, a restaurant can send messages like,” Get 25% off in on all menu this month and enjoy our Halloween themed menu. Offer valid until the 31st”.

2. Halloween Theme on Websites

Halloween Theme on Website

If you own a website or application and know your way around programming, you can boost your website by adding a Halloween theme to it. You can also get a developer to do this for you if you like. Snippets and Code pens are great for visually attracting customers and to see a business following the trends just shows how seriously they take their user experience.

3. Monster Themed Menus

Monster Themed Menus

Halloween is one of the busiest and important times especially for the food industry. It demands businesses like restaurants to spice up their menu and match with the theme of different occasions. Monsters on a plate, Halloween themed decorations and service are a great way to get hungry customers to have a good meal and a great visual experience.

4. Delivery Services in Costumes

Delivery Services in Costumes

A large percentage of people would look to just sit out this Halloween, watch some movies and order take out to enjoy this event from the comfort of their homes with friends and family. This marks a great opportunity for businesses with delivery services to get creative. Sure, delivery guys already have their uniforms but you can generate some great feedback of your service. Besides, if they’re ever late, they can tell the customers, “It’s hard for Zombies to drive”. It would be funny and on point. If you own a store, restaurant, deli or any business that offers delivery services, it is the right time use this occasion to attract customers for future events as well. Wouldn’t it be great for Santa to deliver pizzas door to door? Just make sure, they don’t climb down the chimney because that would be simply over doing it to say the least.

5. Trending Games

Trending Games

PUBG is the online multiplayer game every is talking about. For Halloween, the developers have added a new game play feature in which you get chased by killer clowns and nurses. This is great option to add to the game play experience especially when most games lose their popularity after a while. These additions are great for any software animation or game companies to try to add new features to their gameplay.

6. Technology Integrated Decorations

Technology Integrated Decorations

Technology Integrated Decorations

Halloween is all about costumes and decoration. LED costumes, 3D printed decorations and tons of light and sound effect gadgets can do wonders if your business gets creative. Plus, Pumpkin art has also inspired artists to promote their designs.

7. Halloween Guerilla Campaigns and Ads

Halloween Guerilla Campaigns and Ads

Halloween Guerilla Campaigns and Ads

Halloween Guerilla Campaigns and Ads

Print ads and guerilla campaigns are amazing. For Halloween, this is the most budget friendly and creative strategy you can employ for your business.