Ronaldo Assault Allegation

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular superstars in the world and a money maker for top brands like Nike and EA Sports. However, ever since the allegation, there have been severe tensions building amongst the bodies as the sportswear giant look to monitor the situation. Ronaldo has a contract worth $1 billion so they have every right to be concerned.

Ronaldo has put a stamp to the allegation. He has denied assaulting Kathryn Mayorga at Las Vegas hotel in 2009. #MeToo movement and other women right organizations support her as well. Der Spiegel said Ms. Mayorga filed a report with Las Vegas police shortly after the alleged incident. In 2010, there was an out-of-court settlement of $375,000 for her agreeing never to go public with the allegations but we all know how that turned out.

The lawsuit stated that she met Ronaldo at a nightclub in the Palms Hotel and Casino in which he assaulted her in the penthouse. Her lawyer said that her client suffered depression and thought about suicide in previous years which led to her diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. This wouldn’t be the first time footballers make the front page for their goals off the field.

For EA sports and Nike, Ronaldo is one their main brand ambassadors worldwide. No company risks their reputation by connecting to such allegations. The former Real Madrid and Red Devil is regarded as one of the greatest to have played the game. Due to these allegations, he has been left out of Portugal’s squad for upcoming friendlies. These friendlies are against Poland on October 11th and Scotland three days later. Fernando Gomes has given his complete support to Ronaldo as his reputation is on the line. Everyone knows what Ronaldo has done for his country in the last 15 years.

Moreover, FIFA 19 cover has removed Cristiano Ronaldo from the game’s official social media channels. This is following the rape allegations against him until the situation comes to a close. He has been on the cover for years. EA is trying its level best to distance itself from the player due to the allegations. Juventus are hoping that their investment pays off as Juventus look to lift their first European cup since 1996. How this case would affect him, nobody knows. However, he has scored 3 goals since moving to Italy with exceptional passing. He is available for the game at Udinese as the Italian giants look to maintain their Serie A lead.