The world is a market where you can find billions of products from millions of companies. Then there are the superpowers of the consumer market. These include the biggest companies in the world like coca cola, PepsiCo, Apple, Samsung, Pizza hut and thousands more.

In the last twenty years alone, consumers have spent over 336 trillion dollars on products worldwide and every year the average net spends increase by a huge margin. The following are the greatest selling products of all time according to some of the most trending categories;

1. Gaming console – Sony’s PlayStation

Gaming console – Sony’s PlayStation

Sony is the world leader in gaming consoles. The PlayStation is the most popular and bestselling gaming console of all time beating the likes of Xbox by Microsoft and Nintendo. As of today, it has sold over 340 million units. Moreover, the PlayStation 2 console was readily available in the retail market from 2000-2013 which is an incredible performance. Gaming fans have labeled PlayStation 2 the greatest gaming console of all time.

2. Vehicle – Toyota Corolla

Vehicle – Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla leads the race in the with the highest number of vehicles sold which is more than 40 million in the last 50 years. Though, there are obviously better cars in the world, the corolla has the best overall stats when compared with other cars with parameters which include reliability, relative gas mileage, safety, spare parts availability and affordability.

3. Movie – The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Movie – The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The marvel cinematic universe has finally overtaken the Star Wars franchise as the bestselling movie franchise of all time. It has been an incredible journey which started a decade back with Iron man and 18 consequent movies featuring unique and amazing characters have come together after this incredible build up in Avengers: Infinity war to sum up the biggest cliffhanger in history of cinema.

4. Cell phone – Nokia 1100

Cell phone - Nokia 1100

Nokia in its prime was the phone company to beat. Nokia 1100 remains even today as the bestselling phone of all time with Apple’s IPhone almost catching. It has sold over 250 million units up till date and you can even find refurbished or second hand units in the market. Even if Apple does surpass this legendary phone, it can’t take away the accomplishments of this gadget. It ruled the tech market in its era and paved the way for Nokia to become the best cellphone company up until 2007.

5. Fast Food – McDonalds

Fast Food - McDonalds

There are no surprises here. McDonalds is the leading fast food franchise in the world. The big mac has been renowned the bestselling fast food item of all time. It has over 14000 outlets here in the US alone with and an outstanding total of 36,899 in the whole world. Only Subway has more, however, it is not in the same league as McDonalds.

6. Drink


Water is the most consumed drink in the world for obvious survival reasons. Coca Cola is in third place after tea. However, there are thousands of tea brands so we give the edge to coke. Coca Cola has also made tremendous input into its marketing with trend focusing commercials and maintaining a great rivalry with Pepsi.