In the last decade, we have witnessed a great change in movies with the emergence of the marvel cinematic universe. To be fair, DC is trying to catch up but they have a long way to go with their own universe not living up to the expectations of the fans. Avengers: Infinity war proved that anyone can become a part of the avengers, like Sam Wilson (Falcon) said, “Everyone’s got a gimmick now”, in civil war. The original Avengers will always remain the heart of the franchise as indicated in the end of Infinity War. However, the world will never have enough heroes so it is always good to recruit as many as you can as we have seen Ironman mentoring Spiderman.

In this article we would play with the cards we are dealt at the moment. To elaborate, we won’t be talking about the fantastic four or the x-men or a DC cross-over with the Avengers. Marvel TV series aren’t doing too bad themselves. In fact, fans want to see some of their beloved characters from TV be part of the avengers sometime. There have been some Easter eggs that fans might have missed.

Here is a list of characters or groups we would love to see in the Avengers phase 4;

1. Agents of Shield/Inhumans

We have seen Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, and of course Nick Fury in both films and TV, but that’s been pretty much it. Shield has been off the radar since the Winter Soldier. Daisy and other inhumans could easily fill in some slot to take on Thanos if they haven’t been wiped off. What if Phil and May also disappear and Jemma and Fits have to figure out what happened to eventually end up in Wakanda to find a solution?

Agents of Shield

2: The Defenders

With the exception of Iron Fist, the characters of this hit show have brought to life a spark that was missing in superhero TV shows which focused on the story telling informing the fans who these characters are without their powers. However, this one gets a little tricky as all these characters are basically in New York and in the same time period as the MCU. It’s understandable that they usually work at night and the avengers usually work during the day. Jessica might be too drunk to notice the Chituari destroy New York. Luke Cage is probably in Jail and as for daredevil; he’s probably having a rough period getting over Elektra.

The Defenders

3: The Runaways

The Runaways feels like the most millennial-skewing superhero story on this list. A diverse group of young characters discovering that their parents are villains feels like a very prescient piece of storytelling in the current world, and Runaways told it with vibrancy and panache. Obviously, they can make a great addition to the Avengers in Phase 4. Hell, they can even be mentored by Spider Man which we can best guess is going to lead the Avengers by the end of phase 4. These characters are still under development but it would be cool to see them grow up to be Avengers. Even though, it is a relatively unknown franchise as compared to the Fantastic four or the X-men, we’ve seen guardians of the galaxy emerge as one of the best movies in the MCU, so maybe they can try to do the same for these characters.

The Runaways

4. Cloak and Dagger

This is perhaps the one which makes the most sense and these characters are good enough to be on the biggest stage. It is the most connected TV series with the MCU. There was an Easter egg in which the Peter Scarborough mentioned that they needed to compete with the Starks and the Rands. To top it all off, they’re probably the same age as Spider Man so who better to bring them in than the friendly neighborhood you know who. These characters are awesome and the MCU could do really well with them. They’ve already told their stories in the series so they won’t need to do that again. O’Reilly has probably seen the Avengers at work since she mentioned she’s not stranger to weird being from New York.

Cloak and Dagger