Mass Texting

Businesses are constantly developing new and effective strategies to reach out and engage customers. There is always room for increase in clientele which means that they need to efficiently exploit different ways and channels to bring them in. The goal is obviously success which is different for many organizations. Most simply look to build on revenue while some simply wish to spread awareness or provide different customer services.

Currently, the growing influence of emerging technologies such as Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, and IOT devices in promotion of products and services are swiftly on the rise. However, conventional mobile tools like mass texting are still the utmost channel of communication even today. Over 95% percent of people read messages within 15 minutes of delivery and recent research indicates that majority of customers are more comfortable with texting as compared to making calls and spending lots of time in the process.

Mass texting is here to stay for a long run and businesses need to learn to use it to its maximum potential. This means that businesses need to devise some effective text marketing strategies or approaches and the following are some tips they can apply to engage customers;

1. Real time promotions

There are thousands of notable events happening in the world every day. This gives an opportunity to businesses to channel the emotions of costumers and sell products or services using that event as a trigger. The most notable event of 2018 is the FIFA world cup in Russia and it has been an incredible tournament with great upsets and performances. Businesses of respective nations can use this to draw customers. Restaurants can use keywords like Football, FIFA, or World Cup to promote different deals or offers. Part time businesses like photography, tourism guide and transportation and using this event to make the maximum benefit from it. Hotels and bars can send transactional messages for booking or reservations thanks to travel apps that are constantly informing travelling fans of their services. Retail stores can use the passion of the football fans to sell merchandise of their respective nations. Real time marketing has been proved to be one the most effective marketing strategies. Moreover, the United States will celebrate its independence day on the 4th of July and research indicates that Americans spend over $4 billion on this event alone. Call it patriotism or love for the country, businesses need to take this as a golden opportunity to sell their products and promote their services. Use red, white and blue themes to showcase your products. You can set up balloon and face painting stalls at carnivals and paraded. Restaurants can give out coupons and discounts and give away free gifts for building customer relationships.

2. Context based marketing

Customers are evolved now and thanks to the internet, they are relatively smarter than they were decades ago due to the information readily available to them on the internet. Context based marketing refers to online and mobile marketing based on user information. Thanks to advancements in search engines and database technology, marketers can use previous search items and web browsing history to present ads to customers which represent the products or services they are looking for and the more the merrier. For example, if a person searches for best fast food chains in the region, they can visit their daily visited website like Facebook and see ads from different fast food chains with different items and offers. Although, nobody really likes ads these days, they feel differently about text messages. Text messages are brief and straight to the point. Marketers can easily talk about their product and offers in a way which the customer does not find it irritating or time consuming.

3. Measure product engagement with an analytics system

Every customer is different in reference to their choices, life style, habits and spending limit. Text marketing gives you the opportunity to separate a vegan from a meat eater. This is done by Keyword based mass texting. Businesses can use this to impose customer segmentation and organize customers from the data they collect and also give different options to customers to pick from. For instance, you visit your favorite restaurant and really like the quality of food and service, you can opt-in to their keywords according to your requirement. These could include ‘menu’, ‘vegan’, ‘specials’ and even ‘discounts’. With the emergence of affordable analytics systems like Amplitude or Heap Analytics, it’s become easy to measure product engagement by customer. These systems can enable you to get information about a customer by what product they buy or what service they go for.

4. Transactional engagement for updates and notifications

Customers like to get as much information as they can possibly handle. Businesses need to stay connected to their customers and constantly remind them that they still exist without being forward and needy. The best approach is to send updates and notifications to customers. If the weather is bad, you can text your customers to stay safe to show that you care. You can send them holiday notifications on major holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or the 4th of July. Moreover, you can send them important reminders like deadlines or closing timings. These simple messages can keep the customer connected to your services as long as you do not text customers 5 times a day every day. It’s ok to keep a safe distance when it comes to promoting your business because you never know when the customer might choose to opt-out due to unwanted incomings.