Instagram has yet another battle to fight. Vero app – a social app that has been the center of all discussion in the last few days. It is currently on the top of all app stores, making it popular among the masses, especially in Millennials.


VERO – is a social app that seems to have potential to beat the existing rulers of social media world ‘Instagram’, ‘Facebook’ & ‘Snapchat’.


For Vero’s users, the best thing about Vero is that it is Ad free. Sharing content with your social circle is much easier with Vero. Nor does Vero have any algorithm which imposes a controlled feed. All the posts in Vero app are organized chronologically.

There have been same speculations before also that apps like Mastodon, Peach and most recently Sarahah would eliminate Facebook & Instagram’s social presence.

But very shortly all these apps faded into obscurity within a few months of appearing.

Vero App

Background of Vero app:

Not new, Vero made its debut in 2015: Vero was officially launched in 2015.
But over a last few weeks, its popularity is constantly increasing day by day.

The Billionaire CEO: Ayman Hariri is the CEO of Vero – also the son of the late Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafic Hariri, who was assassinated in 2005. There are some serious allegations against Vero’s CEO Ayman Hariri.

Hariri tried running his father’s construction company in the Saudi Arabia ‘Saudi Oger’.

The company was hit by a severe financial crisis and reports suggest that most of its employees remained unpaid. According to Bloomberg, the Saudi Government intervened and shut down the company for its “mismanagement” in 2017.

Vero focuses on the users rather than advertisers: While Facebook & Instagram generate capital via Ads, Vero says that its customers are normal users & not advertisers. Another reason why Vero remains ad-free.

Becoming the next Instagram: Vero is attracting Photographers, Videographers and popular social media influencers. The app’s layout is almost similar to Instagram. However, Vero looks more user-friendly than others.

Vero Hero

VERO app is free to download on Apple’s Play store & Google’s Play store.

Shockingly, there were more than 518,000 tagged posts & hashtags on Instagram – most of which were the posts shared by Vero users. All Vero users are calling their Instagram friends to switch & this sort of encouragement means that Vero has gained popularity.

Vero announced that first million users will enjoy the app for FREE. Then it may introduce a subscription fee later.

Past week Vero app passed the million user mark. Vero shared the news that users can enjoy it for free, until they come with an official subscription fee announcement.

What is Vero — the app at the top of Apple’s iOS app store from CNBC.

No ads
No algorithm
Chronological order feed
6 options to share your content
3 Friends category
Select who can view your posts