Uber self-driving car service

Just after the fatal car crash last week that killed a 49-years old pedestrian, Uber has been barred from testing its self-driving cars on public streets in Arizona.

The governor of Arizona in his personal capacity sent a letter to the Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi over his concerns on the concept of driverless cars.

Arizona governor Doug Ducey suspended Uber self-driving car operations. And he has been a strong proponent of self-driving testing, advocating Uber and others to bring their programs in Arizona.


Ducey made this decision with a heavy heart calling it: “an unquestionable failure.”


Uber itself has suspended its driverless car service not only in Arizona but in other markets as well. The investigation is still in progress after the fatal accident that took place on March 18.

Questions have posed over the lack of clear security standard on the self-driving cars. Police and safety regulators are keen to look deep into the case.

On road, yes UBER
Uber service, yes over the world.

The unfortunate incident ended up killing a woman who was crossing a four-lane road and got hit by a self-driving SUV of Uber.

Nothing positive is going towards Uber way and this suspension will further dent Uber’s vision to lead the industry of driverless cars.

Arizona has been the hub for Uber self-driving car service. In Arizona, the company owns half of its 200 driverless cars and a staff of hundreds.


“In the best interests of the people of my state, I have directed the Arizona Department of Transportation to suspend Uber’s ability to test and operate autonomous vehicles on Arizona’s public roadways,” Ducey said.



One more thing to notice is the tone of the letter. In 2016, Ducey himself welcomed Uber saying “Arizona welcomes Uber self-driving car service with open arms and wide open roads.”

But Ducey’s current letter has an explicit shift in tone. He raises questions on the reliability of Uber self-driving car service.

San Francisco was the first city where Uber had to shut down its program due to no permit. The California regulators told that Uber did not had proper permit to test its self-driving service on the state roads.