Leagoo S9 Clone

LEAGOO S9 CLONE — an iPhone X copy

Keeping up with the pace, the Chinese mobile industry is giving worldwide customers a hard blow. Alongside last year’s iPhone X & the latest Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy S9, we also have to bear phones like the Leagoo S9.

The smartphone manufacturer released its Leagoo S9 clone at the Mobile World Congress on 25 March 2018.

In china, the clones popped up from the very next week when iPhone X was launched.
However, Leagoo went a step further on this occasion. The Leagoo S9 clone was revealed on the same day and at the same venue where Samsung launched its two most awaited smartphones Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Copying the phone outlook of Apple’s iPhone X and borrowing Samsung Galaxy’s S9 number, Leagoo has ensured to catch the eye-balls of everyone.

The company has officially announced all the details and Leagoo S9 phones are available at stores now. An open copy of iPhone X’s ‘front face notch’ design, Leagoo S9 has a price tag of $150 only.

Leagoo S9 is an Android-powered smartphone, which allows you to unlock your phone with the notch. This feature ‘face access’ is similar to iPhone X’s Face-ID. The phone company declared Leagoo S9 clone as the ‘World’s First Android iPhone X’.

Official website of Leagoo suggests that the company plans to launch more clones.
Laegoo S9 Pro will be the upcoming variant phone with a larger size.

In just $150, the Leagoo S9 clone is offering too much for too less.

Features like rear finger-print sensor for biometric security, physical lock, volume buttons and a vertical rear camera have literally bamboozled users.

Added Features of the Leagoo S9 Clone:

The Leagoo S9 clone has a 5.85 inch notch display, 4Gb RAM, 32GB internal storage, dual 13 mega-pixel rear camera, MicroSD card slot and 3300 mAh battery.

For a cheap price $150, it doesn’t seem to be a bad deal.

Many clones and Android versions of the iPhone X are expected in 2018, Google also said that a whole new wave of iPhone X’s clones will come.

Providing customers with cost-effective products is fine. But Leago S9 clone may end up making consumers furious. There are other Chinese phone markers who at least innovate their technology.

Rivo Mobile is an example, who displayed a new concept of a smartphone.

At the same event Mobile World Congress, Rivo introduced two phones that feature minimal bezels, a pop-up selfie camera and in-screen fingerprint scanner.


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