Apple Inc is right now the world’s most valuable company
With leading companies facing regular market crash, Amazon is still on a high run.
Amazon took a giant leap of 2.7 percent lifting its stock market value to $ 768 billion.
Last month, it surpassed Microsoft.
And this time, it has gone pass ‘Alphabet’ – the parent company of Google.

Amazon has become the second most valuable company in the world after leaving behind Google parent Alphabet for the first time.

Now, only Apple Inc is ahead of Amazon.

Due to the dropping of 0.39 shares in the market index, Alphabet ended up with trimming its market value to $762.5 billion. Since 2016, Alphabet had held second position to Apple with a market of $ 889 billion.




Amazon already had a wild run last year. It increased its value by 85%, including 35% to start in 2018, making it the highest ratio of any company.


The e-Commerce giant comprehensively surpassed Alphabet to gain the second spot. The stock market ended with a rise of 2.7 percent on Tuesday, bringing Amazon’s total value at $ 1,586.51 per share.


Amazon Growth
Google. Source: Yahoo Finance

March has not been a terrible month for Alphabet only. Facebook too went under critical times, especially with the ongoing controversy of Cambridge Analytica.

The incident resulted in a loss of 9 percent of its market value and now Facebook stands at the seventh position in the list of world’s most valuable companies.


The gap between the leading companies is very minute, so we can expect them to swap places again & again in the near future.

Apple on the top have some serious work to do now, as Amazon has consistently outpaced all other firms who were ranked above it.




Market Analysts believe that we are nearing towards a time where one of these US companies may soon reach a value of $ 1 trillion. And both Apple & Amazon have the potential to reach this milestone.