5G Network

3G, 4G and LTE networks have all become an old story for mobile users. The 5G network is next on the trot now, which renowned companies and especially leading countries are aiming to pounce on first.

In the urge for early deployment of the fifth generation 5G network, many mobile carriers and other tech-driven companies may go to any extent for attaining an early 5G debut.

The standard time-frame to launch 5G for commercial use is likely to be from 2019-2020. However, some countries might get a raw taste of the 5G wireless network because testing and trials have already taken place.


Here’s a list of Top Countries to Launch 5G network


United States

During the time of 3G and 4G LTE launch, the United States was the frontrunner to deploy them. Once again, it can be said that the United States will ensure 5G availability, if not across all America, then at least in some of its bigger cities.

Both AT&T and Verizon announced that they will be rolling out the 5G network in 2018.

There are reports that the US government plans to nationalize the usage of the 5G network. Initially, users may face a slow rate connectivity since the local and municipal bodies hold the authority over network stations and towers.


Clearly, Japan has been extensively working to increase its communication traffic.

NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s leading mobile network carrier has pledged to launch its 5G in 2020. DOCOMO has also conducted a research, centered on the realization that a high capacity network with low cost and less power consumption is the requirement.

By launching 5G in 2020, Japan will surely get a unified version of the 5G network, helping it to mobilize its communications industry.


South Korea is one of the leading countries in mobile technology. Tech giants like Samsung and LG located in South Korea suggests that the urgency for a 5G debut is no surprise.

South Korea’s official service provider ‘SK TELECOM’ has been testing 5G communications since 2017. And a glimpse of the 5G network was showcased during the Winter Olympic Games 2018.

There is no official verdict when South Korea will launch 5G, but tech pundits believe that South Korea is not likely to get 5G network communication before 2019.


Huawei and TELUS mobile have achieved a significant breakthrough last year. Both companies tested 5G and trials were held in Vancouver, resulting in groundbreaking innovations to lay the foundation for 5G network.

In Canada, the 5G wireless technology is expected to become commercially available in 2020. Still, TELUS firmly believes that the Vancouver’s residents will get an early access to the most cutting edge technology.


Like most of the Europeans and American countries, Australia will also launch 5G network in 2020. Australia’s Optus, the second largest telecommunication company, has announced an early release by 2019, but only in few metro areas.

Being the largest telecom company here, Vodafone is aiming to release its commercial 5G network in 2020 across Australia.


China’s dream to dominate global communications relies on 5G’s future.
Huawei – The Chinese brand will take charge of the 5G wireless communications.
And with Huawei’s Live lab tests and trials in Vancouver, we can anticipate a beforehand debut launch of the 5G in China.

The government backed, China Mobile has said to deploy around 10,000 5G stations by 2020. Chinese official timeframe to release 5G for commercial use is 2020. However, recent attempts to counter China by the US government may cause delay to the 5G launch.