Twitter Lockout

Conservative brigade is gutted after half of their twitter followers have been taken to the cleaners overnight with Twitter Lockout.

COMEDY OR ERRORS? Really? Or merely an attempt to heat up a social media debate?

According to critics, Twitter is all set to wipe out all the ghost accounts, to get rid of non-verified accounts. Twitter has just called this move as a ‘Mass Censorship’.

Hashtag #TwitterLockOut is on trending within the United States – being more of a national issue.

Similar outrage was recorded in India when one of its iconic Bollywood star Amitabh Bachpan’s Twitter followers vanished, making him less popular in the list of famous celebs.

Now this ongoing scene is drawing everyone into a hilarious situation.

But wait a second!
From where did these Russian Bots come from?

New channels and yes, the internet are flooded with news that:
Twitter just purged Russian Bots – 1000s of accounts have been suspended within a few hours.

Users are complaining that the social media giant ‘Twitter’ is performing an automated task. Both Russian and American conservatives are dragged in the battle – and both seem defenseless here.

Twitter’s trending hashtag #TwitterLockout is going mainstream.

To add more humor to your tiring day, non-conservatives are ridiculing the Pro Trump users for not having a strict stance on the Russian Foreign Policy.

Most of Anti-Trump nationalists consider that Twitter is combating for their national interest.

For them, Twitter is kicking away Russian Bots who automatically followed Trump’s narrative online. Certainly, this will ignite fire amongst the Right Wing and the Left Wingers.

Conservatives are furious about losing fake Russian followers – only if they existed.

They’re even going as far as to say that it’s ‘censorship’ to their freedom of expression.

Tweet: This is the funniest and most intellectually revealing thing since Trump stared at the eclipse. #TwitterLockout

Twitter Lockout

Twitter Locked me out tonight. Lost 2,000 followers simply because I’m a conservative voice exposing Liberal hypocrisy! #TwitterLockOut — ??CHIZ ?? (@CHIZMAGA) February 21, 2018)

Nothing will change. Victims of the Twitter Lockout are in pain and others are enjoying the show. Official statement by twitter is yet to be announced, only that can diffuse this lockout nuisance.

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This is what Twitter’s official page says:

We may lock an account or place temporary limitations on certain account features if an account appears to be compromised or in violation of the Twitter Rules or Terms of Service.