Breaking news from the Tech Arena:
Amazon just announced that Alexa has been empowered to send SMS text messages.

All those who have Alexa enabled devices can send SMS to their contacts – with their voice. Yes! Amazon Alexa echo devices are now fully capable of broadcasting SMS text messages in the U.S. Alexa echo devices can send text messages via voice commands.

But – there is a shortcoming while using this feature.

It supports text messaging to Android phones only. A sorry sight for IOS & Windows Phone OS users. Your recipients need to have an Android operating system of v5.0 or higher to receive SMS text messages.

SMS text messages

Started off as an intelligent personal assistant, nobody had thought that Amazon Alexa would be rolling out an SMS messaging feature. All messages sent through Alexa will use your mobile phone number. In result, standard carrier charges may apply.


For all those living in the U.S, and own Alexa echoes devices or speakers can now send SMS text messages to any android phone – not to forget using voice commands only.

Heartbreak for customers using other operating systems, especially Apple’s IOS.
Amazon tried to clarify its position on why iPhone users can’t send messages using Alexa echo devices. The answer is SIMPLE.

Apple does not allow third parties to use its text messaging API.

SMS text messages with Alexa echo devices

To get started with SMS messaging using Alexa echo devices follow these steps:

Turn on the Alexa app, sign up for messaging and calling
Select the Conversation icon, then click Contacts
Go to “My Profile” next
Enable “Send SMS” feature & accept the android OS permission
Direct your voice command to Alexa speaker & say “SEND an SMS” to [Contact Name]
All done

Once again, only contact numbers with an Android phone can receive SMS text messages. Alexa device is not powered to send messages to any other operating system, till now.

Don’t forget that Alexa echo devices do not support group text messages, neither MMS.