The Samsung Galaxy S9 along with S9Plus, is in readiness to be unveiled on February, 25th 2018, at the Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona.

Already enjoyed a wild ride, Samsung’s flagship smartphones, both S9 and S9Plus are still the most talked about gadgets this year.

According to reports, consumers can get their hands onto a Galaxy S9 in March, and shipment will start from March 16th, 2018. Right now, there isn’t much said from the South Korean company itself, still the entire internet is flooded with rumors.

Most of them indicates that the Galaxy S9 is going to be the most expensive phone till date. Another suggests that Galaxy S9 and S9Plus will contain Qualcomm’s Next Generation Snapdragon 845 processor.

Experts believe that a tough competition between Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple’s latest iPhone X is yet to be seen. We all know that iPhone X has been the center of all the limelight in 2017.

Only time will tell whether Samsung’s flagship phone will sustain the pressure or not.

Galaxy S9 & S9+Recently, there was a leaked story shared on Twitter that had unofficial images of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9Plus. Both phones will also pursue the legacy of their predecessors, galaxy S8 & S8 plus.

Although Samsung has to improve its market reputation after the debacle of NOTE 7, which faced severe implications in 2016 due to allegations such as exploding batteries.

There are more rumors related to Samsung’s own version of Face ID powered biometric authentication that might compete with iPhone X’s existing Face ID software.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9Plus will be thicker than the previous phones within the “S” series. The Galaxy S9Plus will also have a distinguishing feature of a dual rear camera.

Official Website Samsung
Officially released by Samsung

The influx of information related to Samsung’s flagship smartphones is obscure. Everything other news or article will inform you with something different. And why wouldn’t they? After all, these are all mere assumptions.

Samsung Galaxy S9 LEAKS:

What’s been revealed & what’s not?

Responses are mixed in terms of the battery power. It is being said that no upgradation has taken place to increase the capacity of S9 & S9Plus batteries. Samsung Galaxy S9, according to unofficial claims will be 3000mAh & S9Plus will have 3500mAh battery capacity.

Pricing will be the highlight of the Galaxy S9 & S9Plus launch. Consumers should expect to pay more, especially for the unchanged features that were present in Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S9


No matter how enthralling the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9Plus seems.
It is important to admit that these phones are plainly makeover or let’s call it a redesign of the previous ones.

Highlighting another rumor, there might be few additions like the screen size 5.8 inches for S9 and 6.2 inches for S9Plus. But as a matter of fact, there will be no significant changes that Samsung has to offer to its worldwide customers.

Consumers will decide themselves whether this year’s gamble by Samsung pays off or not. Meanwhile, we should sit back and enjoy the on-going controversies surrounding Samsung’s flagship smartphones.