short code text marketing

A keyword is the chief component while using short code text marketing.
If short code is your vehicle for marketing then, a keyword is its fuel.

People get confused whenever they hear about keywords for short code text marketing.

The most common question that arises is:

Why do we need a keyword in order to use short codes?
The answer to this question is a straightforward one.


Short code service is an expensive one. Therefore, individuals and organizations, both tend to approach an SMS Gateway provider. An SMS Gateway provider has a short code to his name – And that gateway provider will share his short code service with others.

Now it is equally of greater significance to comprehend that numerous amount of people can share a single short code.
Hence it is important for the gateway provider to categorize all the short code users.

This is where a KEYWORD comes into play!

Each user will have its own identity through a keyword – A Keyword is basically an identity of your brand. Text messaging service providers are monitoring each keyword and their client’s database is segmented by keywords.

The keyword is the core element for marketing using short codes and above all, it is the point of reference for your account.

Keywords can be of any length and characters (including numbers, letters, and symbols)
*Please remember that a keyword cannot be longer than a single word.

For the general public, the highlight of your message is the keyword of your campaign.
Short code text marketing contains a keyword only to make people interact via SMS.

Multiple keywords can be generated to run campaigns by using a single short code.


According to the US Rules and Regulations, there are few areas that you need to reserve while using a short code. Both Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Cellular Telephone Industries Association (CTIA) have a clear-cut approach to make short code users comply with some mandatory rules.

“HELP TEXT” If a subscriber texts you the keyword along with “help” to your short code, a support or help message should be sent. The message will be generated automatically. Also, provide information that guides the subscriber how to opt-out.

Consumers have the right not to receive unsolicited text messages.
This feature will allow people to detach themselves and exit from your campaign.

Once a subscriber messages “UNSUB”, then no further text message will/shall be sent.